Est. 1991


National Pizza Place has been in existence for more than three decades, and it has been serving the residents of Hamilton, Ontario, with delicious Halal toppings and sumptuous pizzas. As a popular pizzeria located in the heart of Hamilton, Ontario, we desire to provide healthy and nutritious pizzas for our teeming consumers. 

The founder of the pizzeria supervised the National Pizza Place for about three decades before it was bought by new management. However, during negotiations, the administration has promised to keep the values that have ensured the success of the pizzeria over the years, and we have been applying new strategies to take the brand to the next level. At National Pizza Place, we do not only make Pizza; we are focused on excellent customer satisfaction and effective service delivery. Our brand was built on the values that each client that visits us should be treated like a king with uniquely served Pizza, and these core values are embedded in our DNA with each team member committed to the mission. 

With more than three decades of experience in the industry, we are proud to say that we have earned the loyalty of our customers with our strict adherence to the safe preparation of meals and commitment to excellent service. We are also the trendsetters in our industry as our brand is renowned for providing quality service efficiently. Our customers can eat in our outlets, and we also offer late delivery and pick up service. We desire to see our customers happy after buying their pizzas from us, and we also hope to make dining at our pizzeria a memorable experience that lingers in your mind till you visit next time. 

We utilize high-quality ingredients to create the best and delicious taste that is out of this world. Our pizzas are fresh, and we do not freeze them to maintain their freshness. We are renowned for our best pizza dough options, and our menu deals are affordable and nutritious. At National Pizza Center, we have various deals depending on a budget of our clients, and these include Double Pizza Deals + Wings, Double Pizza Deals, Pizza & Wings Deal, and Single Pizza Deals. Are you looking for the best deals in town for Pizza? National Pizza Center in Hamilton, Ontario, has the best team of chefs that understands the process of preparing pizzas under the best conditions.